Der nächste Schritt der Menschheit (The Director's Cut)

Englischsprachige Originalzitate aus dem Exklusiv-Interview mit Ra Uru Hu, dem Begründer des Human Design Systems

Zusammengestellt von THOMAS RÖTTCHER

"We are all locked into a fixed geometry in this life."

"We are living in a conditioning environment, even if there is an illusion of separateness, we are not separated. (...) We are deeply connected to each other."

"It takes seven years to get rid of the old conditioning, to become yourself."

"The truth of human design knowledge is for children, before they are conditioned."

"The Human Design System gives people a chance to begin a deconditioning process."

"The Human Design System is not religious, it isn't spiritual, it isn't moralistic, it's any of those things – it's just a mechanism."

"The point is: are you awake? Being awake is not going up into the Himalayas and doing mantras for 35 years, and it isn't about waiting for some kind of light to shine – it isn't for the masters word. It is simply following your nature being yourself."

"Learning something isn't the same as living the truth."

"I have been surrounded in the last ten years by followers of just every group-master or charlatan on this planet. They are all really nice people – the kind of people, you can sit and have lunch with somewhere and survive them, but look in their eyes - in my readings I call them ashram-victims. They are very sad human beings, because they didn't find what they thought they could find. They didn't become enlightened, they didn't wake up, they didn't get a better life
some of them got a better sex life – but it didn't help: you can't fuck yourself into awakeness."

"People want to see everything to be better. This is what the gurus have been selling forever: its gonna be better
a full shit! It is not about making it better, it is not about making people smile I'm not happy Buddha. That's not what the movie is about. It's about allowing people to feel complete in what they have as a life."

"People are afraid to figure out who they really are."

"Because after all human beings don' t like themselves. They don't have a sense of worth."

"It will take a very long time to wake up humanity, because humanity is really very dumb, and as long as people are hungry - a third of our planet is hungry - as long as people are underthreat for their basic lifelihood, unable to be educated, unable to have safe environments and all those things, all this is just western dabbling, there's a real world out there
I know. 40.000 babies die every hour. So knowledge takes a long time to penetrate, there is an old Chinese saying: 'The rumors fly and the truth crawls.'"

"I have a running joke: I can teach all kind of courses. I can teach you how to be rich, I can teach you how to be healthy, I can teach you how to have good sex (...), it's all the same course: Be yourself!"

"Everybody has a unique mythology that they live out in their life. That is them, their incarnation. When you live out your strategy, you discover your mythology, you get to see your purpose, your value."

"However there is no free will, it doesn't exist. When people say to me, they have free will, my usual response to them is: 'Then you are god!' If you have god's free will, then you have to be able to be in control of everything not just the obvious, your life and everything, your breath, your shitting, the way your eyelashes flutter, every grain of sand, I never want such a job!"

"Everything that you think and say and do is initiated in the deep gray areas of your brain, one half second in the firing of millions and millions of synapses, before your neocortex is even aware of it. Before you know, that you're going to put your hand up in the air and say: 'I have to go to the bathroom', your brain has been working on all of that. Where is your free will? This is the illusion that we have, that we were creative, but we are not creative! We are reactive beings."

"The fact that we are choiceless is our grace. We are here to be observers of consciousness at work in form (...) and when the form dies, obviously the game's over!

"We are in the middle of a major transition that's taking place evolutionarily. It started about 200 years ago, and it's something, that is going to peak in the next twenty years. We have an evolution, that's taking place in a way in which the neurology functions and the solar plexus, what we are finding now scientifically, they substantiate, that they are finding an enormous amount of neural activity, they are calling it the second brain and all kind of names, that's taking place in the solar plexus system."

"The children that are going to give  birth to these children, they are already coming into the world now, so what the are carrying within their genetic material is a mutation, that's changing the way the information is being written to the developmental structure of the solar plexus."

→ Das Interview führte Thomas Röttcher. In deutscher Sprache erschien es in zeitgeist-Ausgabe 2-2001.